Business Services Testimonials

Workplace Threats & Staff Conflict

“Our organization had to work through a conflict between program participants that was affecting everyone involved:  program participants, staff, interns, and visitors to the facility. Threats of physical violence had been made. We wanted to avoid this at all costs!

The CRC staff came immediately to help me work through this with my staff and program participants. [Using this process] Everyone was heard and had their interests protected.

Although it was tough and it wasn’t a “magic fix,” it helped diffuse the situation to a level that was manageable for all parties.  It brought us together as a staff in new ways. Participants said they walked away from the conference feeling empowered.

It worked so well, we used the process a second time to clear up some staff conflict. We learned how to see others’ perspectives better in a conflict –and  how to work as a team! It was a new experience for all of us and we each took something different away from it.”

Overall, it was a wonderful and worthwhile experience for us.”
-Jessica Smith-Harper, Executive Director, Village of Hope.