Richard Chambers, Executive Director

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Linda Cowan-Brown,
Community Conferencing Facilitator
Linda joined CRCBC as a Facilitator in November 2010. During her first year at the center, Linda facilitated more than 30 successful Community Conferences! Linda came to the center with a background in human services; where the majority of her career has been working with youth and their families. This experience has proven to be a valuable asset for her work at CRCBC. Linda views Community Conferencing as an exciting and different way of working through any problem or conflict!

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Annette Romero, Community Conferencing Facilitator Prior to joining CRCBC in June 2014, Annette worked as a coordinator/interpreter for International Emergency Services. Annette moved to the United States after living in Italy for many years. While in Europe, she did outreach, liaison, and marketing work with overseas contract workers. She helped set up offices throughout Italy and other countries such as France, Spain, London, and Greece. These offices served the socio-economic needs of the migrant workers living there. Annette is an animal advocate. In her spare time, she volunteers at the MD SPCA and fosters homeless animals. She loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking.

Sean Price, Community Conferencing Facilitator

Tenelle S. Chambers, Community Conferencing Facilitator

Barb Soscia, Mediation Program Manager

Daniel Dykes, Mediation Program Assistant