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"I am just so relieved. I had missed so many nights’ sleep over [this]. I couldn’t concentrate and it was affecting my job. I didn’t know what was going to happen. I thought someone might get hurt before this was finished. Since going into this meeting, everything has been resolved. I don’t have to worry anymore."

 - CRCBC Participant involved in a Neighborhood Dispute

teenagers sitting in a hallway

What Does Conflict Mean to You?

Conflict occurs among families, in communities, between neighbors, in the workplace and at school. Most simply, it’s a breakdown in a relationship between people who know one another. And the typical decision-maker in heated situations, the justice system, isn’t designed to restore broken relationships. CRCBC provides an opportunity to find common ground while staying in control of how your dispute is resolved. You have the power to choose how to resolve the conflict.

Types of Conflict We Can Help You With

We handle conflicts of every shape and size. Big or small, we work with them all. We help guide people and communities who have experienced anything from major crimes to civil disputes toward peaceful solutions.

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Volunteer applications for our Mediation Program are open. Please visit the Volunteers page to access the volunteer application.

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