Community Conferencing

Community Conferencing is a powerful social justice process that brings together everyone involved in, and affected by, crime and conflict. SEE A VIDEO ABOUT CONFERENCING HERE - CRCBC YOUTH PROMO

Together with their supporters, everyone involved gets to:

  • Hear, and say, what happened.
  • Tell how they have been affected by the incident.
  • Create an agreement which repairs the harm done, and stops it from happening again.

Fundamental principles of Community Conferencing:

  • People have the capacity to resolve situations themselves, when provided with a safe and structured space to do so.
  • Solutions stick when the people affected are part of making them!
  • Conflicts in communities are best resolved inside the community.
  • Effective conflict management fosters accountability and builds safer communities.
  • Violence can be prevented when people have a safe space to address problems.
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Community Conference testimonial
Community Conferencing testimonials

A Community Conference can be requested by anyone.  Additionally, the Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office, the Maryland Dept of Juvenile Services, Baltimore County Police Department, and Baltimore County Public Schools all make direct referrals to Community Conferencing.  Watch a Washington Post video, where our former Executive Director, Misty Fae, talks about Community Conferencing. At the time of the interview, Ms. Fae worked with our sister program, the Community Conferencing Center in Baltimore City.