4 students were shot outside a Randallstown high school in 2004, leaving one student paralyzed and three others seriously wounded.  Another student was charged with the shooting, and is now serving 50 years in prison.*

9 years later, in July 2013, a Baltimore County judge awarded $21.4 million to the paralyzed student in a civil suit.*   While that seems right to many of us, the next logical thought is: Who is going to pay that money? The offending student is locked in prison.

Why did any of this happen?  Because one student called another student a name.  The conflict was never addressed; the issue never resolved. Anger continued to build. People were shot. A community was left in fear.
At the Conflict Resolution Center of Baltimore County, we work with schools and students to resolve these conflicts before they escalate. And we do it NOW, not 9 years later.  Our work:

  • Prevents violence and resolves conflict with 97% resolution rates, and 96% compliance rates
  • Reduces recidivism in youth by 60% over matched youth who go through the MD Department of Juvenile Justice system.
  • Over 2500 Baltimore County residents received services from CRCBC last year alone
  • In the last 12 months, more than 200 cases of crime and conflict have been peacefully resolved

In Maryland, it costs taxpayers $38,383 per year to incarcerate a single adult individual. The cost per youth is around $70,000.*
For just $50.00, you can provide the opportunity for one youth to choose resolution over violence.
For just $150, you can provide one hour of Conflict Resolution Education for up to 15 youth.
Become a Friend of CRCBC: $ 25.00
a Caring Contributor: $100.00
a Partner for Peace: $250.00
or a Diamond Donor: $500.00
Your support is essential!  Grant support has declined while demand for services continues to increase. Please, support safety in your community.

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